Texas State University was founded in 1899 and opened its campus in 1903. With more than 38,000 students enrolled in the university there are 400 student organizations on campus. Among those organizations you can find HBSA the Hispanic Business Student Association. The Texas State chapter of the Hispanic Business Student Association was founded in 1994 by a small group of Texas State students along with Dr. Cecilia Temponi. To this date, the organization has over sixty members and has been recognized at the local and national level. Our mission as students of Texas State University, in order to serve as a center for the procurement of knowledge, is to foster communication with the McCoy College of Business Administration. 


Mission Statement:

We aim to create opportunities within the academic and the business communities with the intention of developing proper business acumen, providing a medium for cultural enrichment, and encouraging the pursuit of true and ethical ideals.

"Our commitments are academics, community, professional development, and most of all, family."

The Hispanic Business Student Association provides various opportunities within the Texas State and San Marcos communities. We host informative presentations on leadership, professional development, and networking at our weekly meetings throughout the year. We are actively involved on campus intramural sports along with social and community events each semester. In addition, HBSA volunteers and donates time and money to different organizations on the Texas State campus. Locally, HBSA participates in Bobcat Build, Relay for Life, Fall/Spring River Clean Up and School Fuel. HBSA nurtures the relationships developed inside and outside the organization. We invite guest speakers to our weekly meetings and host various social networking events such as camping trips and socials each semester. This provides the membership with networking opportunities and enables long-lasting friendships.